Sonnet Non Sens [090929.6]

In thought: My sometimes best the Reason gets of me. And mind my Bergson fragmentary haunts with moons that fingers more like pointing look, the signposts road upon along.  To boot: proposing truth that will is life change if so swift perpetual, does but his with— and Reason every sounds with single stilts, but see! Intuit really […]

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Saturday Morning

A cloud hung itself over us and it cried, cried like a cat in heat and the leaves trembled—someone rubbed his eyes and mumbled statements of total frustration: “Fucking cats screaming like banshees making babies outside my window; fuck those cats man. Go fuck somewhere else.” My sore throat came back and my head throbbed […]

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Please enjoy, dear friend.

I find this blog personally interesting for a number of reasons: [1] it is a store of things I write, which are often in response to the moment, or a distinctly recent experience and thus tend to deal with images rather than ideas (though I do have my occasionally intellectual haiku), [2] I like watching my tag cloud morph because, at least in my own conceptual and linear mental record, I get to see the transformation of topics that hold me in their attention, [3] this blog contains every poem I write (for this blog; at least for now there are no others)—I don’t delete or obscure the ones I find terrible or mal-formed because they too contribute to the overall collection in their own way, [4] in these ways (i.e. [1] [2] [3]), this blog is a manifestation in some way of the emergence of my poetry—each successive poem changes my feelings about past ones and acts as feedback for what and how I write (you might even say the emergence of my poems emerges!)

I humbly appreciate your visit and thoroughly welcome comments and critique.  I thank you kindly for reading, dear prospective reader—I leave it to you to weave your own palimpsestic meanings into mine.♦